Windows sux (still, much more usable for me than Linux on a day-to-day / fixing-my-neighbors'-tech basis), but Linux Subsystem on Windows...?
I just found out about it, and installed Ubuntu on my main Win10 laptop...

I'm not even mad - this is awesome!

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    The best thing Windows has done is to enable the use of Linux...
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    cant kill linux, befriends linux
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    @japzio not the MS way of doing things though.
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    There is also kali, openSuse, and enterprise openSuse available from store, you can use those along with the WSL.

    The new update even has option to translate the file paths to and from WSL to windows directories.
    There's also about sharing env variables between the systems, so you can build through WSL but don't have to duplicate the installations.
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    “If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I've won.“

    -Linus Torvalds
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    Maybe I need to tweak something, but the Ubuntu subsystem on my Windows VM is glacially slow.
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    @bahua For me it works like a charm - although the latest Ubuntu update can break some things...
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    Super fast on my 5 year old MacBook with less than stellar specs. @bahua
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    I assume the problem is that I'm running it in a VM, and not on hardware running Windows. I suppose I'm not really the target demographic anyway. Running the Linux subsystem on a Windows VM on a Linux machine is silly anyway.
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    Yes. But it does sound like fun.

    VM will slow things down forsure but it's not as bad as it used to be. VMware has made some great strides in the performance front. @bahua
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    For all updates on WSL it is recommended to remove and reinstall linux all over again. I had many problems with distros upgrades after new functionalities added to WSL. It’s a pain in the a$$ but installation and everything is blazing fast and I just have my post-installation scripts to set up everything afterwards.
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