I've started to do some time tracking and just after one day of doing it I noticed that I can't get more that 10 mins working without someone interrupting me.

I love to help and hate to say no, but this is killing my productivity and delaying my work.

Most of the time my help isn't really needed too. "Did you clear the cache?" "Did you run yarn install after pulling?" "Let me look at the stack trace/error message." Sentences like these are all I need to say most of the time.

Did my coworkers get lazy because I'm there to help? Should I start say "not now" more often? Or should I just look for a better team somewhere else?

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    Better yet, how can I train my coworkers not to need me so much?
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    I'm using this for time tracking: http://tailordev.github.io/Watson

    Anyone know a node based equivalent?
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    10 mins at a time is pretty extreme. Maybe find some way to isolate yourself when you need to concentrate.

    I've been known to book a conference room for myself and work there uninterrupted for a few hours at a time.
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    @DasKoder that sounds like a good idea, but we only have one room and it's always booked so that won't work.
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    1. Make a discord server (or similar), tell them they can ask via the chat there.

    2. Make a bot that gives automated answers on most asked questions.

    3. In case the bot didn't solve their issue, they're lucky that you check in every X hour(s) to help manually.

    4. If help via chat doesn't provide a solution, they may truly need your help, tell them to come to your desk, maybe even specify the time you are available.
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    Draft a FAQ and send a copy to everyone? Provided they don't find it offensive...
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