I was tasked by a client to build a blogging / News website.

Client's first request: remove any reference of a publish date from the blogs, it ages our content.

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    Yes, it will definitely be better when users will find outdated content. They'll be pleased and never go on the website again.
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    @Jilano I literally refreshed my inbox when I read that request, I couldn't believe it for the first time.
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    Same old shit, the client wants this and that on their website with no consideration as to who is going to publish new content, as a result site goes live and never touched again, hence the request to remove the dates. They just don’t get it and the fuckers think they know everything. Fucking wankers.
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    A similar strategy is used in marketing so you could repost articles in social media without them being considered "as old" when shared.

    Or it is that, or they are just dumb lazy guys that don't guarantee publishing consistency and prefer to hide that from their users.
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