I am worried of a future in which JS has taken over everything, fortunately wasm is here to help :D

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    Why don't you like JS?

    EDIT: legit question. Thinking about whether I should learn it or not.
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    @Hausen Learning JS is a must if you want to do front-end web programming, even if you decided that you're going to use something like TypeScript. So you can't really escape it.

    However, for a short overview of the problems of JS, take a look at this: https://medium.com/javascript-non-g...
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    @Condor the browser is already a Virtual Machine, so there are some safeguards already in place, and I am sure they have thought about all that. Let the smart people solve that hahaha
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    @Hausen you should learn the basic and then write code in a language that transpiles to js, because js is really broken, and the only reason that there’s that many frameworks and all that stuff is because it is popular and some people do not want to learn another language and they use js where they should not
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