There are three types of people in this world:

1. "objdump"
2. "object dump"
3. "oh bee jay dump"

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    I tend to try and pronounce filenames/commands as I see them on-screen. If it's too short, becomes too difficult or would sound like another word (SQL/sequel, I'm looking at you) I will spell the letters out.

    So for example, "objdump" I would say something like "ob-juh-dump".

    fsck = "Fuhs-hook"

    mkdir = "Mook durr"

    ls = "ell ess"

    For filesystem paths, things like /dev/stdout would become "slash dev slash stood out".

    Sometimes I don't bother with the slashes. /etc/passwd might be "ee tee see pass wood".
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    objdump = object dump

    fsck = fisk
    mkdir = make directory
    ls = el ess

    I hate him too
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    "Fish cook"


    gdb = "guh duh buh"
    ps aux = "piss ox"
    gcc = "GECK"
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