I need help, I have a very small attention span and motivation in general, I only do stuff when under pressure. Does anyone have any tangible suggestion on how to improve that, generally but even more so in coding, I'm at the beginning still but I do have a learning appetite but I just can't get myself to do shit!

Share some of that super motivation and learning tips!


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    Binge watch a show you've already seen on one screen while doing work on the other. That's what I do and it helps me in two ways:

    1.) By switching between the show and my work every few seconds, it keeps my mind working so I don't get tunnel vision and get bored or unproductive. I have ADD and because I prefer to not take meds that might affect my thought process or behavior, this really helps to let my mind shift focus in a controlled manner.

    2.) By shifting between the two, it keeps my eyes working, rather than focusing on one thing and my eyes getting lazy.
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    I'm in a similar boat. Discipline is key. I work full time and have a family, so when it comes to coding for fun, I hate working on the basics.

    I recently started saying, "im not moving on until I complete x.." where x is something simple like a sleek looking static web page or a simple python script.

    I've changed my free time routine to start with my current project, work on it a bit or until completion, and then do other things like learn another language or play games.
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    Watch Silicon Valley
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    @JMoodyFWD I think I might have ADD, not 100% sure tho. My dad suspected it but we're not really the consuming meds by the handful type. Thx for the advice, I'll try it, I usually have double screens at least for having something on the other one so that I don't bore myself.
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    @steaksauce I also work, am in a relationship, if I had the motivation, I would probably have around 3-4hrs of decent time to spend on stuff I want to spend on, I usually end up wanting to do stuff right before bed...which sucks.
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    @irene I like the hard truth, tbh, being highly rational myself, that's what I rationalised myself, you know what the bigger/biggest problem is? I'm not much more motivated doing anything else and I'm not ready to accept that I'm worthless, just yet. But I do enjoy coding, I genuinely do, heck, I might be even good at it, based on how fast I catch on to things, it's just that it's so god damn hard to start and continue going.
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    @JMoodyFWD This!
    I binge random shows on Netflix because they're distracting but never as interesting as coding.
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    @securiter The best advice I can give for coping with / using ADD to your advantage is:
    A) stimulants: they calm you and help you focus.
    B) learn to multitask. It's how ADD makes your brain work anyway; exploit it!
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    You are not alone with this problem ­čśâ. Unfortanetly i got similar problem. For me the best way is to have something noisy in background like working tv, yt video, being on discord with friends or music, the last one is pretty good, I prefer fast one with good beat, it can speed up the work. It is better if it dosent contain any words because those will disrutp you.
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    I listen to audio documentaries´╝îtutorials on coding or other educational subjects to not dumb down and once im in the zone i give 100% attention with https://youtu.be/hQNpo_XtDEE and an energy drink :)

    The other thing that really help me was to be challenged by some one. Doing something that some one does not believe you can do is the most rewarding!
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    @Root Hmm, ok, I am doing that most of the times, sometimes it works sometimes not so much. What kind of stimulants? I drink a bit of dark coffee every now and then, anything else?
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    @Santaclauze I tried audiobooks but they are a bit boring, I am more of a visual stimulus kind of person, multiple screens do help and music in the background but it has to be ambiental but not too loud but not too silent either.
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    @securiter I don't think the type matters. Learning to multitask well is absolutely the most important, though: it will help you jump between tasks effectively rather than haphazardly and lose all concentration and momentum. That's still effective even when you don't have coffee/monster/etc. to help you focus.

    @irene While true, that's really all ADD medication is (there are some other active ingredients, but they vary), and it's the only drug I've ever found to be effective.
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    @irene That's how ADD works.

    Counterintuitive, but accurate nevertheless.
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    @irene Sure: go exercise!
    It'll burn lots of energy, but you'll feel more energetic!

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    @irene @root, I can vouch for the energy thing, it might not be instant or short term but exercising does help, pretty much with everything and anything. Regarding stimulants, that's kind of true, I mean I usually drink coffee just to equalise the rest of my body with how I feel I should be.
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    @irene, @Root, Do you happen to know any audiobooks regarding programming? Is that even a thing? Since I'm working 8hrs/day, I might as well use one of my senses in that direction :D
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    @securiter I don't, sorry :<
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