Recently bought a new touch laptop. After trying Manjaro, Ubuntu and a couple of linux distros, I switched to Fedora. I simply love how it's so smooth.

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    Does your laptop have a 4K display? I am looking for a good distro to handle a 4K touch display but so far nothing that good. I haven’t try Fedora though.
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    @matteusbrevik Well, mine doesnt. But I have friends who use Fedora on thier laptops with 4k displays. Gnome is rather smooth with touch screen and fedora makes it evwn more smoother. So I believe Fedora should works excellent.
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    fedora master race
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    @fun2code Well, yum and dnf are both package managers. They replaced yum with dnf recently.
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    @butterpasser I’ve been a Debian/Ubuntu user almost all my life. Got my laptop stolen and I have been using my work’s laptop (Win 10) for a couple of months. I just got an Asus Zenbook Pro with HiDPI screen (4K). I was looking to try Manjaro. Any suggestions on why choosing Fedora over Manjaro?
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