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    Low rider!
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    You can actually code while high?
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    @PRein only if it's something I know very well.
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    just takes longer 😂
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    @PRein coding high is fantastic as long as I'm not crazy high, just a little. And you have to get high while programming and already in the zone
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    Helps you think outside the box. I find it allows me to be very creative while coding.
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    I find cannabis helps me get into coding

    "Well look at this little bug right here - you thought you were going to get past me, didn't you? Well not for long!" *slaps keyboard until proper code is made and bug is gone*

    Yea that kind of attitude doesn't come out unless I'm high
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    When i get stressed and overwhelmed cannabis helps me slow down and relax (after the initial 10 minutes paranoia ;)). Then even if i code slower,i enjoy the ride.

    Doesnt always work butbit has its moments for sure. And its more efficace than alcohol!
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