My dev days consist on coding shit that I am really not interested in(web design)

What gets me through them is getting to my home office when I can continue to fuck around with Machine Learning, my guitar or the shit that does interest me....

.......also...listening to Nothing But Thieves is about the one thing that keeps me from losing my shit at work...

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    You deserve a ++ just because you hear Nothing But Thieves! Hope you can find happiness while developing anytime soon!
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    I too don’t enjoy web design and development. Luckily the project I’m working on at the moment has an interesting (and challenging) F# backend, so it’s been nice to hone my skills and the frontend work doesn’t feel like such a chore.
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    @Bitwise hope you like the band man, these dudes are my current favorites. And ML is not nearly as complex as what some make it out to be :) you will do just fine regardless of when you got into it
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    @joaotiagow another NBT fan!! Thanks for the kind words man! Means a lot :)
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    @Brolls that is pretty awesome man. Gots to do something about that boringness.
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