Why do Apple have to hide the ”request desktop version” button behind the refresh button on the Ipad?

I get Idea. They problably thought it like you refresh as desktop site. But it took me ages to find out how to request desktop site!

Why cant it just be like chrome and have the settings and tools behind a menu where everything is.

And this is just one of many of Apple products flaws! Shame on you Apple!

If you wonder why i even use a ipad it’s because it’s a school ipad that is locked so we cant install apps.

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    Apple gives you two ways to request desktop version - first is under the „square with upwards arrow” and second under reload button. And why call it „a flaw”?
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    @mlask because it’s hard for new Apple product users to find
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    > "Why can't it just be like chrome"
    > Engineers make it like Chrome
    > Oh my god, they are only copying Google at this point

    Applicable to any software / company constellation
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    @Kimmax i would actually not mind Chrome being copied
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    @HampusMa it’s still easier to find than most of android settings... ;)
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    @mlask do you mean the settings of the operating system Android or the settings for the individual apps on it?
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