WWDC was last night. Joined my companies "iOS" slack channel this morning expecting to see lots of activity about SwiftUI, Combine, Federated Login, New iPad updates ... but no. The only comment

"Does anyone else feel like the event artwork is lazy and uninspired?"

... I am just fundamentally in the wrong company

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    cheese grater
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    @rutee07 Or red plaid with thick framed glasses and a well-kempt beard.
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    @irene 1k for a monitor stand is kinda amusing
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    Tbh I didn't even know it was WWDC untill I saw some memes on here and on Instagram lol
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    @musician so I see there’s now a market for 1k monitor stands. Maybe my college text books have some value after all.
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    And as the cutting edge technology... The 1k bucks stand that does the same thing every monitor stand does
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    @KorDarei it sucks and honestly I blame the Apple Watch. When Apple started selling things like bands and cases they really started to slip from pricey towards ridiculousness.
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    @jeeper i blame people, they will buy a tree trunk for $1000 if its made by Apple
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    @KorDarei that'd be an Apple tree, now featuring:
    - Compactness
    - Noise reduction
    - Low temperature
    - High energy potential when used with exothermal circumstances
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    @kescherRant don't forget
    -some feature a coconut tree has had for a few years now lol
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    @Stuxnet Of course.
    It's made out of wood.
    But the Apple tree has put that feature into the form of a trunk, making this feature fit in this much more compact product.
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    @KorDarei ultimately people are to blame for all products 😂
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