Anyone else here that doesn't answer people that only write "hi" to initiate a conversation?

I always feel like they try to put me in charge of leading the convo. You wouldn't call someone and just say Hi, now would you?

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    @Alice Alice, I'm perfectly capable of social interactions. I was talking about a special case where I get dozens of messages from faint acquaintances who like to chat, but couldn't come up with a conversation starter and let me do the work.
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    What's up?
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    @Droid-on-Fire hello there!
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    @Floydian hi
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    @Floydian just dandy. You?
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    I also dislike this - just skip the formalities and ask what you want.. or put hi and your question in the same message.

    I like to mess with them by texting back with a question.. something like: "hello! I didnt hear from you in a while. How are you on this fine morning?"
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