Web Development on a single laptop is tough....

Window 1: editor, tabs for markup, styles, server, terminal

Window 2: browser...so small that everything is in low res mode, if not mobile.

Window 3: database, stress testing system and making sure data flows properly.

Window 4: design specs.


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    Sounds like someone doesnt use workspaces
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    Yeah I won't work on a laptop when I'm home... Which sucks because when coding took over my life it severely ruined sitting on the porch time... But you think a laptop is bad...

    When I'm at work or on vaca or at in laws house with downtime I remote into my pc at home and work on my personal projects from my phone... Now that's a nightmare... Surprisingly I've got pretty efficient at it
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    Laughs in workspaces...
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    A high resolution, and you can have at least 2 open programs on one screen.

    The rest gets fixed by workspaces.
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    Does windows 7 have workspace? or 3rd party software? I badly need one.
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