So, I've just received two almost identical offers from two companies. One is a profitable large firm, and the other is a start up that's just been acquired and is yet to become profitable. Both firms or similar tech stacks and will train me on my missing skills.

The differences are that the smaller form has "promised" me a lead position in a few months. I know from experience that future promises like this don't anyways pan out.

At the end of the day, I need the skills and I want to make sure it keeps my CV interesting for the future.

I have to decide in a couple of hours. I need advice.

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    Large firm
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    If it's local large firm then go for startup. Otherwise go for large.
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    I did "large firm" for 16 years and was in the end so fed up with all the corporate bs they put in your way, I just had to quit. Now I'm since two years with a startup and enjoy the freedom and innovation. I would definitely go for startup / small firm again.
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    So, I picked the large firm in the end. Still nervous, but it's probably the safer choice for now. (Fingers crossed)
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