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So I’m currently looking as a side project to build a web based game using canvas / webgl possibly, I don’t really want to take up iOS/Android dev to do this.

This is a new field for me being mostly a ecommerce guy rather then game dev, so I was wondering if anyone out there knows off a good starting point and decent frameworks to get me going.

I came across
and it seems at a surface level semi suitable.

I’m not looking at doing anything overly complex, basically drag drop functionality for the interaction to navigate a sprite around mazes at a top-down level with I guess collision detection for when you turn the wrong way.

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    Most people will probably tell you to use Unity I think.
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    @shellbug unity seems a bit much for something i don’t want to be overly complex, but in all fairness I’m open to anything at this stage for this.

    It’s not “that” bad is it?
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    +1 for phaser, its really neat, i only wish it wasnt js
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    This info probably won't be useful but...
    If you know Java you can try using LibGDX framework. Writing your code in core package will let you easily build the and hand for Android, iOS, Web and desktop.
    Or just stick to phaser. I've seen some people make games in it on Twitch and it looked all right.
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    @C0D4 then phaser is the way to go.

    Or maybe some SVG animation magic. Have you considered that?
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    @shellbug i could definitely look into SVG sorcery to try and accomplish something this, it getting it to work with collisions (walls and wrong turns) could get messy.
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    @jAsE hahaha Let’s go all in, trying to get something working in c++
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