What is software development like where you live? Would you say it's good/modern or bad/outdated?

For example, in Peru (this has a degree of truth of up to 95%):

- React isn't even a thing (nevermind RN)
- Everything uses Angular
- No Django, no Rails, no Express. Everything Laravel, CodeIgniter and .NET
- No NoSQL
- Objective-C >> Swift
- AWS? cPanel!
- No testing

Of course I focused on the "bad" part, but maybe this is what rants are for :) And I haven't said anything about salaries 😪

What about you? And please don't forget to mention your country.

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    Totally depends on the company - India
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    @Alice to be fair germany might have bad it infrastructure and shit but we're probably still doing a "better" job at infrastructure than Peru or other similar small countries
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