In case you and your friend are bored,
Here's how to have fun :
0)Have Linux installed
1)Grab as many monitors as possible me( and my friends connected 4)
2)Open a shell
3)Drag it all the way across all your screens width (basically open a terminal of width 4 screens in my case)
4)Run "sl"


I can't really show how it looked like because it's a long video and can't attach here
Do try it out though.

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    Put the vid on YT or Vimeo?
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    @filthyranter Github says it lets a steam locomotive run across your terminal
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    party games! for geeks that is...
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    Whs it really that funny?
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    Rather than sl try sudo rm - rf /

    Wayyyy more fun😍
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    @Daveloper Don't be a dick dude lmao.

    Someone like me who is new to Linux will have what it does and is going to trust you.
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    @ThreadRipper Right. I'm not that much of an idiot lol, hence me looking up rm - rf the first time I saw it.

    But we were all beginners at one point. Instead of being an asshole, teach people.
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    @ThreadRipper You could be correct (and probably are). But why not point them in the direction of ways to learn?

    I asked someone for help with Linux commands and instead of spoon feeding me, they gave me multiple sites with information to read and learn.

    I think there's a bit more of an ethical way to go about it aside from causing them to fuck up big time. Because as a new Linux user, if I fucked up that badly, I'm not going to try again... I'm just going to give up on using Linux lol
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