What's your guys opinion about what to choose between a recent mac or the 2018 dell XPS 13?

I've been planning to get one of those for a while now, maily to use for college, work and coding (+ photo editing a lot).
But spending so much money, I want to make the good choice, and I'm still not sure.. I've never used macOS, but it seems interesting, but a bit scary too.

What and why would you guys choose?

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    Mbp all the way
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    XPS 13 > A rock > MBP 😂😂🤷

    *Totally* unbiased opinion here
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    bash on macos is nice.
    Do you do graphics, prototypes, photoshop or sketch app?



    then you have to get a mac, because so many graphics tools are mac only.
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    What is a recent mac? Better said, has SSM? How much gb of RAM?
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    Nah, use a potato, same benefit as a mac lol
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    Run Linux on the XPS.
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    @heyheni I disagree bash on mac is very outdated and a lot of tools I use do not have any of the same functionality, I mean it's better than Windows and batch but xps 13 also has a Linux edition which means you can have the most recent version of bash :)
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    I have had a xps 13 for three years now (9343) and am very happy with it. Will replace it with another xps 13 once a 16gb ram configuration comes with the fhd screen.
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    The only reason I'd bother with a mac is iOS development. Setting up hackintosh is a pain. Their ram is still stuck on 16gb their prices higher than ever and support for dark theme is non existence.

    You'd get just as good of a hardware with half the price could put a Linux distro on it and enjoy not having to deal with the fucking touch bar.
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    I don't have either of those but from a software perspective I would go with the XPS. Windows used to be trash but Windows 10 is so much better than previous versions and it has more features than Mac OS. If you do more graphical work though then I'd suggest a Mac because most graphical applications are Mac only.
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    Dell XPS is a lovely machine and hardware wise you get more for your money. That said I prefer developing and editing photos and videos in MacOS since ubuntu (mate, fedora, etc) could be very flaky sometimes and you won't be able to run your Adobe apps on them. If you are happy deving in windows then I would say go for the xps.
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    New mbp should be released soon. Wait until then to decide
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    For development, I’d definitely go with the Mac... unless u like Linux and the amount of choices it gives.
    To me, I like those choices, but I can live without them. macOS’ experience is just so nice... stable, smooth!
    Perfect for programming. ( plus the gorgeous display and smooth trackpad )
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    Take Mac it fits your use case. Don't even try Linux you will hate yourself if your work is so much into graphics and stiff
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