I've gotten meself a red devil, uh, red bull to celebrate it! 😈

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    @Floydian Oh yes. The god that dared to give knowledge of good and evil (or sexuality) to humans. Jehovah was fucked and saw no other option but to expel his slaves. 😁
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    I come in and hit ++, just try to save you from demon.

    I'm a dev exorcist 😎
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    @sunfishcc Oh no, crosses! 8)

    @Floydian hahaha! Excellent! Maybe intelligence is a phase we need to go through for the next step:
    1) primitive nervous system => intelligence
    2) primitive emotions => ?
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    @Floydian I was thinking about sth like that. Not the band obviously. I still wonder how they came up with that name. Brain damage because of heroin abuse is my best bet.

    Anyway, I do think that's the next step. People realising everything is connected and that there aren't much differences between people and all that. We still have a long way to go though...
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    @Floydian Do you mean about the band Nirvana or the second part?
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    @Floydian Well, Nirvana's first album was some heavy metal/punk, quite heavy stuff. They became famous for their second album, Nevermind, essentially because they had a very good producer that gave them a very good sound. A bit depressing music though. He was singing about downers (drugs that get you down) and about his heroin addicted, unfaithful slut wife. It has nothing to do with nirvana 8)

    About the second part: the fact that everything and everyone is connected to eachother is an esoteric or spiritual thing. E.g in Buddhism. Hence differences are an illusion. Christianity: God is everywhere. It's now also known in quantum physics. This is where western science and eastern philosophy meet eachother. It might explain gravity.

    In short, I was talking about enlightenment. That feeling where you feel love or at least empathy for everyone. You literally feel everything is connected. There's also wisdom that seems to come from nowhere. Wisdom that doesn't involve experience or study. I could go on like this for a while, but you see what I mean 8)
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