It happened.

I wrote "you're missing a tab in your python code" as an answer on StackOverflow.

I was downvoted AND told that I wasn't correct: it was missing 4 spaces and not a tab, according to the python guidelines.

Now, I haven't read them, but my Richard Hendrix fucking intensifies.

Fuck spaces. And if python guidelines talk about spaces, fuck python guidelines too!

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    Spaces are used in python to keep formatting the same through different editors afaik. I feel sorry for you that that happened as any good editor will be able to set up tab indentation to be whatever you want so you can stick to said guidelines. I guess some people just don't rant enough and have to take the smallest stuff out on other people :)
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    This would all be solved with the use of curly brackets {}
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    @spacem of course without a new line for the opening brace. Ahahahah
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    Of all the things modern languages learn from Lisp, perhaps the biggest thing missing is that Lisp programmers actually all agree on how to properly indent.
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    Fuck this entire fucking argument... I'm fucking sick of it.
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    Haha. Brilliant.

    I’m also of the tabs camp, but that’s mostly just because the IDE hides it away from me and probably puts spaces in instead.
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    The Python linux compiler is a bitch for Python and can fail to compile if you use both tabs and spaces. Not trying to justify the backlash, just maybe thinking that's what failed the code so you received backlash from a furiated n00bski
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    I was downvoted 3 or 4 times because I meant "reference" while saying variable in a Ruby question -.-
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    Python is the only language I hate using spaces in, lmao
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    I was watching Silicon Valley, where (main role) guy girlfriend uses spaces. And he uses tabs.

    I personally prefers both and doesnt matter as compiler will undertands it.

    Anyways, his gf was using spaces constantly and i too iritated. Because in my IDE tabs changes t 4 spaces
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    1. Who manually indents code in the first place?
    2. YAML
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    I write JS. I use beautifier. I have no shame.
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    I program perl a lot.
    So I just cram the entire program in one unreadable line. 😄
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    What is a "Richard Hendrix"?
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    @panda-roux he's the main character of the TV show Silicon Valley, and he's obsessed with tabs (against spaces) for indentation
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    I hate tabs, because sometimes a tab turns out to be 4 spaces.
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    I used to use 2 spaces. Sometimes a tab when I started out programming.

    Because I wrote shitty code and that was meant to be read by just me. Big whoop what others say. Following guidelines is the way to go when we are writing code meant to be read by others. Otherwise, tabs, braces at end of function, single incomprehensible line of code which you'll not care a day from now as long as it works.... They are all fine.
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    The sad truth of Stackoverflow is that one liners are only allowed for big players like thousands of reputation people. I am really sorry man. I don't downvote unless the person who answered the question does not say the reason of why he did this or does not even answer. Also if the answer solves the problem there is no reason to downvote it.
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    @py2js well I don't know it it solved, since the question ended on hold lol. For this reason I did the evilest thing: delete the downvoted question to regain my reps 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    @magicleon well it's common and not evilest. If not too much work you should post your profile link here.
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    @py2js why should I? Well, the nick is the same here and there and... Everywhere 😂 (somewhere else a 94 could be appended to it)
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    @magicleon so he is a smart guy :D
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    @magicleon Richard Hendrix :p
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    @Codex404 yep, he's a genius! And a dumbass regarding other matters LOL
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    I would upvote this 1000 times if I could xD
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    @Schroedinbug welcome to devrant!
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    @magicleon Thanks! Surprised by how long it took me to realize this site existed.
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    @Schroedinbug you made me realize I don't remember how I discovered DevRant. Seems to me I'm here since forever!
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    @magicleon I was checking google for memes about clients asking for IE10 support, and noticed that this site was a gold mine. Maybe that will jog your memory ;)
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    @Schroedinbug nope, I've discovered this on the Google play store, but I don't remember what I was browsing about. Maybe some social for nerds and Devs. And this is gold.
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    People who make the argument of tabs looking differently on different machines - FOR FUCKS SAKE!
    1. It doesn't fucking matter how another developer views his code. He is responsible for configuring his view.
    2. Most IDEs and text editors display tabs with consistency on all platforms and screen sizes.
    3. Most programmers who use tabs actually replace them with 2/4 spaces.
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    As long as spaces doesn't mean clicking space button 4 times, I'm fine with anything
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    @Condor I believe I saw it in an article by thenextweb when they shared it on facebook
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