I wish people would stop claiming their product is an AI when it isn’t.

Guy on product hunt today says his name generator is an AI. This is how he describes the process:

- first it passes your input keywords through fasttext

- we get a random sampling of the top 100 or so words most related to your input keywords

- the top words are used as the dictionary input to a markov chain word generator, which generates 10~15000 random words

- the results are passed again through fasttext, we take the cosine distance of the resulting word to your input keywords (by using the out-of-vocab feature of fasttext)

- the top 100 most relevant results are returned

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    ++ simply for using the tag 'cunt'
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    Top 100... Wow good job narrowing it down... lad...!!
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    But how would you define AI? There are no real borders between AI and not AI
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    You are getting into a rather philosophical point.
    But from my standpoint to call something AI it at least has to be so sofisticated that someone can't describe what it's doing step by step in a few lines.
    Of course it is difficult to draw the line somewhere but for me AI has to be able to adapt to the input and improve after getting feedback on its output.
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    @Terrestrial Well, that's true. I get annoyed of these guys calling every single thing AI too.
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    This is so true.
    At university, I've seen people build robots with "AI" that's basically a set of very shady if-then-else statements...hey if it impresses laymen then why not, right?
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