Reddits /r/webdev is such a shithole. It is filled with bad practice and buzzword sharks most of them have 0 knowledge and trending topics are nearly always wrong or the most generic bullshit someone found on medium.

Fuck reddit, im happy i deleted my account there.

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    I once asked something there and got 3 comments, all 3 where useless and didn't help me at all.

    Reddit in general feels crap for some reason, elitists and such.
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    Let me fix this rant for you:

    Reddit is a shithole.

    The whole fucking site is garbage.
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    /r/webdev is cancer. Horrible subreddit.
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    @Vip3rDev it's exactly that now. It was a pretty helpful place years ago. Now, it's just filled with people bashing everything but Javascript it seems, posting bad practices, self promotion, questionable security recommendations, and repeat questions on whats the best editor or OS to use..
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    Reddit in general is really good
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    You care to come with any examples?
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