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    Hell, yeah!
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    Oh yea another framework with fancy stuff that i wont be able to use in unity or win xp! (if it wont work on win7 im going to kill myself 😥)
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    @Gregozor2121 C# is not a framework... 😅
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    Ooooops. Well... what about changes in syntax?
    Im proggraming noob so i dont even know what variation of c# im using atm 🤤 (.net4.7)

    Its embarasing for me now because i actualy had to learn how .net works one day ago... well i propably knew about .net and c# but i missunderstood that :p
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    @Gregozor2121 haha no worries, welkom to .net. i hope you enjoy your stay :)

    .net4.7 has support for c#7 but you have to specify it in visual studio -> project properties -> build -> advance.

    But if your just new to c# dont worry with all the new stuff ;)
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    *opens champagne *
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