I've just started using VS Code, and it makes me almost regret buying a Webstorm license.

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    Lol it's good huh!
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    I downloaded it just to try it out and I was sure I would go back to Atom. Three days later Atom ended up in the trashcan and I happily use VSCode whenever I need something lighter than a fully-fledged IDE that turns my battery into shit and makes my laptop sound like a jet.
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    @Cube189 I'm actually using atom right now. I really like it, but will probably go back to vs code at some point. one thing I miss about webstorm is have the Karma test runner built in, no finding a million plug ins.
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    @lreading Jetbrains software is really convenient (IDEA user here). I usually use VSCode (and formerly Atom) just for front-end and things like Markdown etc. where I don't need to use a plethora of additional tools and extensions. It's like a perfect mix of IDEA's helpfulness and Atom's lightweightinity for me then.
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