Sometimes I feel I'm the live version of stack overflow for my family and friends...
Mom: The printer is acting up, how do I fix it?
Brother: I can't login to Netflix, help!
Grandparents: could you fix the radio/TV?
Gf: Apple can't validate my .uk mail

All to which I replied with the answer to life, the universe and everything...

FUCKING GOOGLE IT! Have you googled it?!

And the inevitable reply: no.

The only ones who get a free pass are my grandparents they were born in the 40's and think YouTube works on voodoo.

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    the real problem is when the answer is yes.
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    Have you tried putting it off and on again?
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    You gotta charge them per answer lol 😅
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    third rule of it: only time or murder get you out of it support.
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    @stop I'm not IT support but they sure treat me like one lol
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    first rule of it: every person who is not in it and knows you wants support from you.
    second rule of it: if there are two or more ways to solve a problem or to use a computer, there will be a flamewar.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 people need to believe in themselves, they can do it! It's a small step for a normie but a huge leap for all devs who actually do stuff.
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