>Weird Windows 10 glitch occurs causing text in dialogue boxes and other various things to not appear until you restart your computer.
>Is working on a program in C#
>Presses button in source control.
>Yes or no dialogue appears.
>Presses yes.
>All flies in working folder disappear.
>Restarts computer to fix visual glitch.
>All files in working folder don’t actually exist anymore.
>3 months of work nowhere to be found.
>Downloads decompiler.
>Decompiles previous versions executable file.
>Continues to work on project with decompiled code for the next 6 months.
>Gets sick of everything and painfully rewrites the entire program in NodeJS.

Moral of the story: Never gamble with Windows.

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    In future try syncing your code with TFS or something similar..
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    @irene *shrugs* I was fed up with working with terrible looking C# code for 6 months. It all worked, it’s just that one line code had been replaced with 3 lines or more.
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    You didn't have any previous commits to revert to?
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    @Olverine I never even used it for that project before. I probably pressed “Discard All Changes” or something.
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