I just wanted some water :(

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    this is epic 😂😂
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    If you wait for it to finish, you'll probably die of dehydration.
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    Holly crap, this is amazing XD !
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    @Xunie It was actually from @find_evil
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    @Lucas79 and there are at least 4 reposts on reddit, with insane upvotes
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    @Chippy Yep. Never mind about my previous comment 😓
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    funny...if true :)
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    Why would anyone put win in. An iot device??? Linux is made for those purposes
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    guys are you serious? first it's a fake, second there is Windows IOT in case. P.S. in Windows 10 PRO you can disable updates
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    There is a reason why nerds are always thirsty for more bandwidth!
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    Why is that Coffee machine connected?
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    What is that machine? Smart coffee maker?
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    @Xunie which they stole from a girl working at Rooster Teeth
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    This is somewhat disturbing. Imagine the potential issues with this upgrade:

    "I KNOW I bought a jug of milk yesterday and now I can't find it. OMG, I put it on the 'meat' shelf and the upgrade deleted it."
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    junior developer
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