I has been 1+ years into Scala world and I still don't hate Java :D

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    You won't hate Java by using Scala. You'll start hating Java when your boss forces you to use Java instead of Scala "Because it is easier to find Java developers"
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    @ItsNotMyFault agree, its like saying that by working with kotlon you would get to hate java, i hate java because of java damn ugly sintax haha
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    Java is like, the draaaaaag. Just so freakin verbose. Coded it very long but then better things arrived.
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    @Alice It was more like...when I was noob for Scala last year ppl who are masters showed that it was a lang for 1st gen and now I feel (after I have exp with Java, Groovy) its all the same...why hype and why look down on other lang....all have pros and cons...nothing is perfect... :D
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