😶🤢🤮 Crap I have a stomach ache today and vomited while I was taking a shower. Suspecting that this is related to Acid Reflux. Sigh I need to reduce my coffee intake. I want to go to work today but I can't due to unbearable pain. I hope this will lessen later because I'll go later to the hospital for a check up.

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    Go see a doctor and use milk to cut the acidity in your coffee?
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    @starless Thanks mate for the tip I will try that. I will lessen my coffee to only once a day (was 3 times a day)
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    one teaspoon of baking soda and water and drink slowly! hope you feel better soon man.
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    Thanks guys still drinking some coffee but only once a day. I need to lose weight too
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    @Devnergy in the same boat. Try low acid coffee or darker roasts.
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