Agile Coach: you need to take part in the next quarter planning of the work. Work with your business team to create a healthy backlog. Provide your input to the user stories. It’s a collective effort.

Me: why tf it’s not a collective effort when code breaks and only one dev is trying to fix it while taking in all the heat.

Of course I can’t say that out loud without getting fired.

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    Don't do that.
    Raise those question to the coach, as the dev is not the only one taking the heat when working with Agile. Let the coach explain that to the team, because it is their responsibility, and not the specific dev.

    There Are No Superheros in Agile.
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    @magicMirror unless the marvel heroes are working agile together of course.
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    I usually bitch about agile planning by aggressively asking questions that I hope the scrum Master or product owner won't know the answer to. Like "what's the point of letting people that aren't going to be working on the task have a hand in estimating effort?"
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    @beegC0de they should not have a say on the estimate. If they are not part of the delivery team, they do not participate in the estimation.
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