Damn, GitHub is on rampage lately. After dropping tls < 1.3 support, they are expected to drop IE support by July.

Praise GitHub 😍

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    But they recommend Edge over Chrome/FF...
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    @olback They recommend Edge to users who are visiting with IE. Someone using IE in 2018 means that a) he can't install another browser, b) does not know/ trust the alternatives, c) does not care enough.

    So recommending an already installed browser over Chrome/FF may be the better choice.
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    I'd really like to get insights by GitHub developers how much the code (CSS and stuff) will shrink after all the extra IE stuff is gone.
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    This is great news. Soon IE will just be a myth.

    I don't want to support IE also. I'm thinking of not supporting IE all the way so I can do CSS Grids
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    @Meta im more curious if there are developers uding IE on a daily basis.
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    @Commodore wait Github doesn't recommend Safari for Mac?
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    @Devnergy maybe they do but even if they did it wouldn't appear in this message.
    Think about it, it pops if you're using ie, therefore windows. So why even mention safari?
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    @Commodore maybe the user also installed Safari for windows? Hehe just kidding mate 😁
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