Cool. 300$ in Google Cloud credits. Maybe I can get to one of those cool projects I’ve been wanting to get to.
spins up server
installs npm
installs mongo
installs express
installs vue
installs material design components
makes title bar and navigation

*okay, good enough for now, i’ll come back later*

*never gets around to it, and 300$ in free credits get exhausted by server running 24/7*

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    @QAgMire once you run out, they don't charge you unless you upgrade to a paid plan
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    ever tried serverless?
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    @thremedy I just Google it. I don't quite understand the concept. Is this free?
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    @uziiuzair yup! they have a promo right now where they’re giving out 300$ in free credits. normally servers range from 25$/mo to 90$/mo depending on OS/environment/power/storage . but the credits are completely free
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    @QAgMire @ThreadRipper best explanation ^
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    This is why I am using Vultr and DigitalOcean. You only pay hourly. No matter how heavy you use it.
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    @Mahaluz ++ for Digital Ocean. I try to use them whenever I can.

    The Billing is so simple and predictable. No Bills Surprises. Ever.
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    @adunSomehow digitalOcean is my main also. It's literally beyond simple. (I use them if I'm paying from pocket), I'll always use up my free credits though (used them on AWS, GoogleCloud, etc)
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    mongo, express, vue,
    I love you,
    for vue
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    @thremedy wtf is serverless. That’s impossible.
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    @chovy 👆 you should read more about serverless on the link above. 👆 It might save you from a lot of things and maybe get a job from making functions.
    My personal website runs on serverless and haven't spent a dime though it runs faster than wordpress 😂.
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    @thremedy people are still regarded in here I guess.
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