Ranting too much on Windows updates comes with karma.

(I know, I guess it’s about time to clean its screen)

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    Great, since it's updating right now, you've got some time to clean its screen.
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    My touch screens look cleaner than your non-touch Apple product
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    Nice congrats! You'll love OS X
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    You have 32 minutes to clean the screen.
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    Did anybody recommend cleaning the screen while updating yet?
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    Dude ... It is not time to clean the display. The time to do that was ages ago ...
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    Lol, I don't use the screen on my laptop
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    @raldo94 do you have an implanted WiDi chip in your head? :D
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    @Rohr Haha. Nah, I just dock it. I can't stand the keyboard and track pad on an laptop for inputs and the angle you need to look at the screen while using it.
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    Man my brain hurts from how dirty that screen is 🤕
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    @raldo94 Why even have a laptop then
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    @electrineer built in ups 🙂
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