I love my thinkpad, it grew a feature where it shocks me every few minutes to let me know that i need to get shit done

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    ThinkPad T470 here.. It's bloody brilliant !
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    @notroot thinkpad 420s, I know right, its shocking *badum tss*
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    My dell Precision M4600 too, it shocs me wen i get my wrist on its border to use touchpad (too lazy for a mouse).
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    Try turning the mains plug by 180 degrees (if you live in a country with rotational symmetry in its outlets). Although the Y capacitors in the power supply SHOULD be equal, maybe they aren't (because of some sort of degradation by surges, aging, etc.).
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    I was actually looking to buy a 420s. How is it, really? Besides the shocky motivation feature, I mean.
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    I have a t450. Has the same problem, with the touchpad.
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    @kgbemployee well, i’ve been using it for years, back when I started programming even, its solid and will last a while, just maintain it well
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    @MrJimmy my computer will do anything to please me ;)
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    @dotPy years?...oh, then we may be talking about different things.

    I was interested in this: https://amazon.com/Lenovo-IdeaPad-7...
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    @kgbemployee come on, i told you it was a thinkpad 😂
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    @dotPy my bad. 😋
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