devRant...why do you have to be such a memory hog? ☹️️

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    I am going to call it a bug. Uninstall and reinstall it goes back to normal levels and will creep up slowly.
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    It's not a bug and it's expected behavior, handled by iOS.

    It's simply cached image storage.
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    @dfox is there a way to clear it though without uninstalling?
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    @manFrame no. It's cache, managed by the operating system the same way it's managed by the operating system in many other facets of caching. If it needs the space, it should automatically clear stuff out.
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    Look at the photo in the original rant. Yelp is above devRant. Clearly for the exact same reason, lots of cached images.
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    It's not possible to remove it in iOS but we could probably add an option in the settings within the app. I'm not sure how useful it would be though.
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    @dfox i guess the bigger issue is the fact that i have ~4mb of storage left and iOS still isn't doing anything about it. 😂

    Btw i should have realized it was just the caches folder. i'm a hobby iOS dev outside of work after all.
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