Dear Windows,

y is it that Windows Defender is suddenly closing down apps, I opened on my own, and have been using and interacting with for ages since I installed this OS?

How the fuck is this unwanted software?

Fuck you.

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    I hate that shit, Norton antivirus does that too. I just uninstalled it recently because it kept quarantining my fucking projects, doesn't even care if you exclude certain folders
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    With the history of being utter ad-filled crapware uTorrent has, I think killing it is more than justified. Get a better torrent client.
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    @blueish4 lmao, I've used their own API to stop all advertisements from showing and loading. uTorrent is just fine, from then on ;)

    @soohoonigan I deleted Norton from all and every PC back in the XP era. It's one of the most resource hogging piece of shit software that has ever existed. It's just sad to see Defender did this.
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    @irene Seems like it is, but It's just purely doing its job, and I don't have ads all over either - So I don't worry about it.

    Anyway, maybe it's time to just purely use my seedbox. (:
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    The short and brutal answer...

    Windows is garbage

    I know this will start a fire storm, that’s cool. That doesn’t change the fact that it is a tire-fire garbage pile of an OS.
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    @leanrob As my main OS, useful enough (:

    I do however have used and still do: Arch, Ubuntu/Debian & CentOS

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    @xewl All great Linux flavours!
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    Windows is intended to be used my the average user, the average user is stupid, windows is trying to protect you from your self.
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    @mundo03 Funny. I always heard that argument and I even used to believe it too.

    For years I had my father (basically computer illiterate) use Windows because “Windows is for the average user”.

    Every other day I would get a call asking me to help with something or that something went wrong.

    Finally, for Father’s Day I got him a Mac Mini. After sitting with him and showing him around over a weekend he was going strong.

    Since then I have gotten 3 calls from him in over a year about the Mac. As opposed to the semi-daily calls about his Windows machine.

    Personally, that convinced the that the argument I was making (“Windows is for the average user”) was misguided, and that in fact Windows is just a bloated piece of garbage suitable only for those who don’t know any better or are stuck on what they know and feel comfortable in.

    C# developers excluded because up until recently you had no choice.
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    @leanrob i did not say it was well done!
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    @leanrob windows is for the average user. It's hard for the users who know too little or too much. It's easy if you know how to find your way through endless menus and trial and error but don't really know how anything works (=average skill level).
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    @irene knowledge aside,you always need common sense
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    @irene hence why I said it. (:
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