Apparently the windows 10 anniversary update did "something" to my laptop today.
Keyboard stopped taking input at a random moment a few hours after the update. I shut it down, and it's stuck while shutting down. Pressing the power button has no effect, and the battery is non replaceable (except with a screwdriver and unplugging a cable, which I don't want to do while there is still power running through the system)

Guess I'll just leave it unplugged and hope for the battery to die.
Thanks you Windows 10, thank you Dell P57F002.

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    Sounds like the correct way to celebrate the anniversary of Windows
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    At this point the metal parts above the nvidia card are so hot I'm afraid it might catch fire when I'm asleep.
    I really hope it doesn't. -_-
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    My hybrid ATI card drivers dont work, my laptop is running hot as hell from just browsing the web... It's hotter than it was after a 3h gaming session...

    Either there's something wrong with ATI or MS messed something big time
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    @Skipp my laptop has an nvidia card, but at this moment the entire thing is like an electric stove.
    The fact that the ventilation isn't actually working and it keeps getting hotter is very worrying.
    It all worked for a few hours, until the keyboard stopped working, I didn't even know the battery could not be removed before today :/
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    can you keep it open for some time and check (remove the back panel and put two books on each side like a stool(?) )
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    also boot into Linux using a pendrive and check if it's still that hot, keyboard works or not etc
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    if nothing goes well use Windows system restore, quite handy, restore to a previous working point
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    @pretz as long as the battery doesn't run out, there's no way to boot into anything :(
    I've opened it to cool, indeed.
    I just woke up, so let's take a look :')
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    @tomwolters haha nice
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    and btw, even I think mine is also overheating (not to an extent as yours but definitely more than before, I'll test it out more n see)
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    @tomwolters you're right, sorry about the delay ;)
    The battery finally ran out, and after the next boot all seems well.
    I'm just hoping this doesn't happen again, if it does I might have to send it back for repairs.
    But we all know what happens if a company can not immediately reproduce an issue. It will get a new install of Windows and that's it.

    Anti-climax to the story I guess.
    Or a happy ending, depends on what you prefer.
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    @pretz the part that overheats seems to be the graphics card only. Unfortunately for me that is a really large part of this laptop.
    Maybe the heat causes some connector to disconnect temporary.
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    @forkbomber my laptop is fine actually, not really over heating. And yeah, mine has a gtx 965m , a msi, not really a beast but it does get quite hot. Anyways I don't think AU did anything bad with my gfx card so, best of luck to you :-p
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    @pretz I found that "Intel WiDi" was suddenly not compatible with windows anymore.
    I didn't mind because there was under the impression that the Nvidia driver would be enough.
    I think that's what caused it.
    Now that only 1 driver remains, it all seems to be fine.
    The issue occurred only once, but it was still creepy.
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    wow. stupid Windows urgh
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