tl;dr Which new laptop + Linux distro combo should I get when seeking for minimal configuration and maintenance hassle?

Hey devRant gang!

I'm looking for a new laptop: which one is supported out-of-the-box by Ubuntu based Linux distros like Elementary OS?

Why Elementary OS you ask? Well, I want to move away from macOS and/but keep the minimal (and pretty) design/interface!

But: I don't want to waste time configuring stuff after install or a kernel update. I don't have time for that: I need to get shit done.

As much as I dislike closed source/evil corporate stuff the fact of the matter is that my MacBook Pro Just Works (and lets me get shit done).

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    Check out this website if you land on something:


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    I've been using Linux Mint because it was the easiest to start with. I've been evolving my operating system package to the point that I'd like to have my own distibution, although I know it would be a hassel.
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    Destribution looking good doesn't mean that everything is okay under the hood or that it's a good software package other than for displaying how shiny you can make your system. Not talking about Elementary here, I don't have experience with it.

    I'm using i3 as my window manager. It's the most minimal yet functional thing that I've ever found.
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