Since I've lost my job, I have been considering becoming a traveling musician. I'm getting pretty good at playing guitar. Kinda feel like I'd miss coding though. What y'all think?

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    do freelancing on the side. Coding is a universal skill. Always be in touch with it
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    it might be difficult if you drive away from it completely, to catch on again or to remember it, it's not quite as riding a bike, people around me that abandoned programming, have had to go great lengths to catch on again and remember things, just as the above comment says, do something atleast as a mind-jog weekly or as a freelance job.
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    lol I toured for a couple years (I've played guitar for 16 years)

    its an awful lifestyle. you're basically homeless.

    now I just teach guitar on the side and it pays pretty well if you have the patience and personality. but you need to know your shit to teach.
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    @zvyn I definitely had to face some hard truths about music and what it actually meant to me. 100% happy I stopped trying to pursue that dream. but it basically killed my spirit on its' own.
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