Need advice guys :)

just bought myself a nice domainname, and now I'm looking for a good email provider I can use for my domain.

Any of you can point me in the right direction? It can come at a price, as long as it is not too much, but I'm well aware quality service does not come free...

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    @Artemix thx for the advice, also, that site with the lists of different stuff is really nice :D

    @J-2FA I'd like to use my custom domain, from what I can tell, Tutanota does not allow that?
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    i use an vps with postfix(ldap backend) and dovecot for my domain.
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    @J-2FA damn not sure how I overlooked that :D

    Going to wait a little longer before biting the bullet, but tutanota comes out on top for now :D
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    @joykill They do allow that :) you just have to get a premium account!

    Source: me having a custom domain with mail through Tutanota 😊
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    Actually, just found out that tutanota does not allow IMAP syncing. While I completely understand it does not go well with the E2EE, I'm mainly looking for a mailing provider that does not go sniffing through my emails and offers (in my opinion) basic data privacy.

    I just stumbled upon https://mailfence.com/ when looking for alternatives, and while they're slightly more pricy, they do sounds interesting...
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    In my last job, used Gmail with custom domain for 8 yrs n was happy with that.
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