I was never a big fan of Github to be used within a company. So about 3 years ago where I used to work I implemented all the tools from Atlassian. Like litteraly all of them. And first I was stunned of the possibilities I had with Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Bitbucket! But while self-hosting all thoose services you always felt, that Atlassian just bought all thoose companies and "threw them together"
BUT with newest features of Gitlab, I think they outperformed everyone! I absolutely love what they offer, even as a free service. They integrate all features in one product where you would otherwise relay on different products.
Whats important to you when it comes to VCS?

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    Been working at a place for almost a year before i realized that bitbucket even has an online gui, i always just used terminal.
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    Only product of theirs I use is Source Tree, but I must give them credit, I’ve never been given a reason to hate it or consider going back to the stock Github client or the one built into PhpStorm.
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    @Kaji I tried Source Tree once, but it kept crashing with a fairly large repo. So I just kept using the CLI.

    @sharktits I actually really like the UI's for managing MR and having a visual overview for managing branches.
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