Girlfriend = zero productivity!

I like to work at night! When I can hear myself think. Girlfriend is jealous of my code! Argues with me to come to bed and then I lose my inspiration.

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    @senzory I'm sick of all the sex. I just want to code. I hate when she blows me randomly while I'm trying to explain the pros and cons of gcc and mingw!
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    This rant + the second comment just bleed out sarcasm
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    A lot of people on here looking for a girlfriend...this dude can't wait to get rid of his. (Jk)
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    @bashcommander oh, that sounds horrible! As a good devRant colleague, let me do you a service and take that burden for you. What's her number?
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    You just need to let your girl know that you work at night and you’re working late for both of you. It works for me I just tell my girl I’m work all night for the next vacation to Thailand or Bali lol, I really just like coding at night.
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    I am dead at his reply in the 2nd comment. 💀💀😂😂😂
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    Girlfriend = zero productivity...

    ...for about five minutes.
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    @senzory They're so orange *cringe*
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    @senzory We get a notification for comments on rants. Don't tag everyone. Your tag comment has been downvoted.
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    @Qwby 0b101100111111101110010110011111111 don't call after 8pm est.
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    @senzory Does it bother you when you get tagged by someone on a rant for a comment YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN?
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    Girlfriend is a very resource and time intensive task and be aware that when you install it on your home it will run with administrative privileges and removes your user from the sudoers group so don't ever think about task management at that point...
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    Girfriend tend to over-provision all the resource availables and Man kernel is not even optimized for multi threading operations;

    sadly G.O.D. did not release source code and the provider may not even be so open to modification so there is not a quick way around it.

    Even so someone still tries to run multiple instances of it at the same time:

    i do not advise on such practice because, let alone that is against the EULA, there is a huge risk of crashing both of the instances if they tries to use the same resource and you won't be able to recover any of them.
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    Have you ever noticed that all the truly great men in history had really bad to no relationship with the opposite sex? It's no coincidence.
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    Girlfriend = zero !productivity

    You misplaced the ! mate
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    @burrellramone fuck greatness. A man needs a companion... + sex
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    @Qwby oh please, you'd probably do everything else with the number except call her. We know you developers
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    @burrellramone Linus Torvalds has a wife.
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    @filthyranter Yeah, go try that. Ugh.
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    @burrellramone not quite. Well, I guess it depends on whom you consider great.
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    @bashcommander don't devs get orgasms when coding. 😱
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    I actually had that problem when I was living with my ex... (without the blow jobs). Luckily girlfriend is a nerd and would let me back to my projects or game after sex
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