Switched to DuckDuckGo, because Google thought it would be nice, to ban the Proxy IP of our company (because you know, many requests) from searching and putting us behind these captcha monstrosities. I don't want to captcha myself out of every query I have for goddamn 2 minutes with slow ass fading images.

Turns out, I like their service even more.

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    So you don't google anymore,

    You duck now? or quack?
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    @mohammed duck, this is the most difficult thing about it...
    I think I would go by "quacking something up".
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    Yeah, I feel like very often the cards in the top are better in DuckDuckGo, at least for dev related things. :D
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    @gamingfail123 yeah DuckDuckHack’s instant answers are very cool, sad it has been put on hold
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    @-vim- oh, it’s been put on hold? I didn’t know that... at least they still work, tbh.
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    I still call it "google something"
    Everyone knows i mean: look that shit up online.

    If someone response with "i dont use Google" or something like that, i just think they're some pretentious twat.
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    @Sourcerer Oh I use 'searching online' mostly.

    When I'd be googling, I'd say I'd be googling.
    When I'd be duckduckgoing, I'd say I'd be duckduckgoing.
    When I'd be whatsapping, I'd say I'd be whatsapping.
    When I'd be texting, I'd say I'd be texting.

    What's pretentious about this in your opinion?
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    @linuxxx it's not pretentious when you Start with "i'm going to duckduckgo that"
    I think it is tho if you reply to "google it" with "i don't use Google i use duckduckgo"

    If you Start with it that's ok, but dont expect everyone to get what you mean and act like an arse if they don't get it.
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    @Sourcerer Oh like that, right. I wouldn't act like an arse, definitely not. I'm just not going to use words I don't want to use.
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