Avicii died. 😞😢
At just 28.

He got me through some tough and grueling times. I still use his tunes while coding. I'm still shocked that he left so early. But he made it count. He might've lived short but he lived large.
I'll miss him. I'm sad that he left so early. But his work will live on. I hope to become as good at programming computers as he was at using them to make music. His music was perfection. RIP.

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    Dunno what to say.. This sucks
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    @carlosjpc I know. I was left speechless too. But as his song goes, "... One day you leave this life behind so live a life you will remember!"
    He did just that. Avicii will be remembered well.
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    Although I strongly dislike his music (I just don't like that genre, nothing personal against him), an awesome artist went away sadly.

    I hope his family will get through these though days, stay strong 😞❤
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    @linuxxx thanks man. I'm just listening to his songs. It's inspiring. Most of them are about exploring life and making it count.
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    @dr-ant Although this won't be your style at all, i think this song applies to him, definitely: MYST - Before You Go
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    He died a year to late :(
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    It's always sad to see someone go, especially at such a low age.

    I think stress affected him, being a DJ usually means drugs, sleeping late (or just skipping sleep) and working hard. You have no regular sleeping schedule, and I think that that influenced him over time. I'm curious what the cause of his death was.

    Anyway, what music do you listen to except Avicii?
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    @MrWouter thats the reason he stopped making music 3 years ago. He said he already retired at age 25. Couldnt handle the pressure from 200 concerts a year.
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    @linuxxx thanks I'll check it out.
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    @MrWouter they haven't disclosed the cause yet but it could be from the stress. He stopped live performing like @Codex404 mentioned.

    It's just sad overall.
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    @linuxxx you're right. It applies well to him. :')
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    Things like this make me, at the age of 30, feel like I’m increasingly luckier to be alive and in decent health with each passing year.
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