I got cut from a contracting job yesterday I have 3 weeks left in the contract. They said I worked well with the team, had a great work ethic but didn't think I had strong enough tech skills. In the past this would have hurt my feelings and it does a little but I think my tech skills are fairly high. There were three devs working on 66 apps with no tests, some source control but most of the code in source control was older than code deployed in prod, no automatic builds, people would wait a week before checking in code, others would check in code that would not build. Today the boss asked if I had messed with app pools on the prod iIs server because something was wrong. I said no because never remote into the server. Anyway it is the end of the world and I feel fine.

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    Sounds like you get the better deal anyway.

    So many projects and just a bunch of cowboy coders doing what ever they want, what could possibly go wrong?
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    I'd be like: 'Bye! 😊
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    You'll find another one, don't worry.
    Maybe the in house development team used you as a scapegoat. Shit happens.
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    Sooo, did you leave any any easter eggs in the untraceable sourcecode 😈
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    A few appoffline files with links to cat videos in all their websites. That's all.
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