Madness !!

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    Narrator: 5 years later

    New NPM update available. Click to update
    30 billion devices run JavaScript.
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    npm update

    >This will download an additional 15 zetabytes, do you wish to continue? [Y/N]
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    @norman70688 did you ever used an Arduino board? It's just a hello world program that makes a led blink
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    Ppppffffff js and microcontroller ahahahahaha
    And I wasted the last months working on fucking driver for nothing?
    Arduino ( the microprocessor ATMEGA328P ) has libraries for everything it can do...
    Try to change micro, just try it. And all of your compiled js can go fuck itself.

    Well, this, at least someone does not make an FPGA that interpret js code at hardware level.
    When it will happen I will consider using js. Seriously! ( *Laugh because I will be death long before that* )
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    Johnny-five 😎😎
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    Haven't you heard about tensorflow with JavaScript? This is pure destruction
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    I think this was already possible after a fashion. You load the Firmata protocol on your Arduino, which is just a C++ library I believe, and then your higher level language just makes the right calls. This can be done with Ruby, Go, and Javascript, but the higher level languages are not on the microcontroller. It's the C++ that does the heavy lifting.
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    Completely waste of resources. No control of data types, no control of timing, no control of memory.
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