A contractor at my old job was doing a development role and was constantly annoyed and the idiotic design decisions going into the website backend we were developing 🙄😒

When he decided enough was enough he could have easily written a really snarky email but instead he wrote the most sincere and professional email to his boss and the director thanking them profusely for the opportunity and hopes he would be welcome for future work with the business....👍

He was a really good Dev and the email made the bosses super happy thanking him so much and how much of a shame it was he was going....😍

He bcc'd me on the mail and when he handed his computer in he told me to open the email and highlight in full....👌

At the end of every line in white text was 'Go Fuck yourself' or 'Zero fucks given'

The bosses never realised... And I know he's been back there about 4 months now..... But shhh 😭

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    Reveal it to your bosses on Easter 😄
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    Great story 😊
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    😂🤣😂 so torn, it’s so passive aggressive but I enjoy the Easter Egg nature of it.

    It’s just such a shame that we can’t be honest in a way that allows us to maintain integrity, flag relevant issues and continue good relationships. 😢
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