I've only experienced a quitting coworker once.

In a previous job a coworker quit with the words directed to the boss in a very loud and aggressive manner: "Ich künde, du verfiggti pissmorchle!!!"*, while throwing around office chairs and swearing all kinds of nasty stuff.

My boss at that time was indeed a fucking wanker. He exploited the shit out of every employee and expected from us that we work overtime for free. No pauses were paid, eventhough he'd had to by law.
I don't have to mention that he was a sexist fucktard and 3 female ex-employees sued him for sexual assault.
Sadly he is still in charge of that wanker company and he "miraculously" dodged every "bullet".

* trigger-safely and roughly translated to: "I quit, you fucking wanker!!!"

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    It had to be a very very important company or else everyone should gtfo of there :\
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    @gitpush A lot of peope there are/were dependent on the job, because morst of them are foreigners with no real diploma or education.
    He feeds from them like a nasty parasite...

    I was 4 months there (only weekends) and I've seen 52 people come and go. No kidding.
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    I don't suppose you could give us a hint where NOT to apply if one was looking for a job?...
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    Verfiggti pissmorgchlä, what a lovely description :D
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    @PonySlaystation oh that is a different story. This is bad :\
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    @gathurian No worries, it's a security company (guarding real estate property, cash transport for local banks, 24h video surveillance, ...). 😉
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    +1 for multiple uses of the word “wanker” – this is a true rant
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