This one is more...puzzling than anything else.

We had a consultant come in, a young guy recently out of school. He completed his basic onboarding stuff, got along okay with everyone, etc., but was quiet and kept to himself.

At the end of his first week, we were heading out the door on Friday afternoon, and someone offhandedly said to him “see you next week” or something benign like that. He responded with “yeah we’ll see,” which was...odd.

And then he completely disappeared – we never saw him again.

Okay, so he just decided the job wasn’t for him and quit, right? What’s so strange about that?

Well, for one, the company technically owed him a paycheck for the week, but they couldn’t reach him despite multiple attempts. They eventually left a message and said if you want to get paid, come in and pick up your check. He never did.

But not only that, he *abandoned his car* at the office! On the Friday that he left, he apparently got a ride or a taxi home, and then he just never came back in to get his car. The company eventually had to tow it.

I just would love to know the backstory here. Why would someone go through the trouble to apply for a job, interview, accept the position, work for a week – and then quit without getting paid and leave their car behind??

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    Suicide? Depression? On the lam? Industrial espionage? Drink/drug bender? Abducted by aliens?
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    I would be scared... Working with you guys for a week and he quit life!?

    What did you do? :P
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    Abandoned his job: Fair enough.

    Abandoned his car: He ded!
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    Seriously did anyone try to contact next of kin or something? Could be something really bad.
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    Plot twist: he was an industrial spy, had collected all the info he needed and the car was stolen.
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    Sounds like Xinjiang from Silicon Valley
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