Today, I learned the shortest command which will determine if a ping from your machine can reach the Internet:

ping 1.1

This parses as, which thanks to Cloudflare, is now the IP address of an Internet-facing machine which responds to ICMP pings.

Oh, you can also use this trick to parse 10.0.0.x from `10.x` or from `127.1`. It's just like IPv6's :: notation, except less explicit.

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    Tnx, I'll try it out! Not sure though if that would work on all OS's
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    You are correct, and that's amazing.
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    More random things like this one it's what we need here!
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    Hey, thanks for sharing! This post added a new thing to my knowledge.
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    @dfox Just an idea: it'll be great to have a "share knowledge" section here on devRant where everybody can share the little new things they learn, like the one in this post ^

    That way the community will also be able to grow together as professionals (although the rants and other similar posts are also helpful but a separate section dedicated to learning would be great too I think).
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    @fuck2code that's gnome terminal with very little transparency. You can find it on Edit > Profile Preferences > Colors

    The prompt is custom made.
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    @SheShell great idea, thanks!

    If you don’t mind, so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, please create a GitHub issue in the issue tracker.

    But I really do like the idea. We have something semi-similar in the works in terms of sharing a specific kind of knowledge (I don’t want to spoil it haha) but your idea is more like a TIL type maybe.
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    @dfox Oh cool :D Eagerly waiting for the update!

    Yeah, I'll add it to the issue tracker 👍
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    @SheShell I was gonna write the same, it has been in my mind for past week thanks for writing it down.
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    'man inet_ntoa' will explain how shorthand IPs like these will be parsed
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    A better search tool would help, since I can't find stuff I wrote a few months ago, let alone someone else's useful post !

    With fuzzy logic, eg. it can find things with not 100% matching spelling.

    I thought I may as well ask for two impossible things at once. :-)
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